Current Affairs Quiz &Current GK Questions With Answers

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Current Affairs Quiz

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Current Affairs Quiz Current GK Questions With Answers

1 ) What was the theme of International
Labour Day 2019?

a) ―Uniting Workers for Social and
Economic Advancement‖.
b) Celebrating the International Labour
c) Sustainable Pension for all: The Role
of Social Partners
d) Build the Future in Solidarity, Peace
and Decent work of Cameroon

Ans: Sustainable Pension for all: The Role
of Social Partners

2  ) P.V. Sindhu, K. Srikanth, and Saina
Nehwal will lead the Indian challenge at
the Sudirman Cup mixed team badminton
championships at?

a) Beijing
b) Shanghai
c) Nanning
d) Tianjin

Ans: Nanning

3 ) IGNOU to begin a course on GST from?

a) May 2019
b) July 2020
c) May 2020
d) July 2019

Ans: July 2019

 4 ) How many woman army officers from
Kyrgyzstan undergoing training in
Chennai's OTA?

a) 10
b) 12
c) 5
d) 15

Ans  5

5 ) Narthanasala All India dance festival 2019
held at?

a) Vizianagaram
b) Vijayawada
c) July 2019
d) July 2020

Ans: July 2019

6 ) Which Chemicals company reorganizes
business segments in line with parent

a) Pidilite Industries Limited
b) UPL Limited
c) Tata Chemicals Limited
d) BASF India

Ans: BASF India

7 ) Which month GST collection recorded
the highest collection since GST

a) December 2018
b) January 2019
c) February 2019
d) April 2019

Ans: April 2019

8 )  Where was the first evidence for Denisova
hominins discovered?

a) Urals
b) Volga
c) Siberia
d) Dijon

Ans: Siberia

9 ) Who takes charge as Air Officer
Commanding-in-Chief training command?

a) Arjan Singh
b) Sk Ghotia
c) Pradeep Vasant Naik
d) Arup Raha

Ans: Sk Ghotia

10 ) World Press Freedom Day was Observed

a) May 03
b) May 04
c) May 05
d) May 06

Ans: May 03

11 ) Who unveiled commemorative postage
stamps on the 750th birth anniversary of
‗Vedanta Desikan‘ a religious

a) Ram Nath Kovind
b) Amit Shah
c) Rajnath Singh
d) Venkaiah Naidu

Ans: Venkaiah Naidu

12 )  The issuing of a certificate of registration
(RC) for which type of vehicles has been
blocked from May 02?

a) Electric Motors
b) Linear Motors
c) Servo Motors
d) All motors

Ans: All motors

13 ) In-flight connectivity likely in next three
months to start?

a) To start sending WhatsApp texts
b) To start Browsing Twitter
c) To start Movies and making phone
d) Above all

Ans: Above all

14 ) In which country PayPal introduced its
One Touch experience by Google Smart

a) India
b) New Zealand
c) China
d) Japan

Ans: India

15 ) International Firefighters‘ Day (IFFD) is
observed on?

a) May 3
b) May 4
c) May 5
d) May 6

Ans: May 4

Computer Gk Questions Current Affairs Quiz

1) Computers that control processes, accept data in a continuous.....

(A) data traffic pattern
(B) data highway
(C) infinite loop
(D) feedback loop

Ans -  (A) cross-platform programming

2) A language reflects the way people think mathematically is.....

(A) cross-platform programming
(B) functional
(C) event-driven programming
(D) 3GL business programming

Ans -  (B) functional

3) A mistake in an algorithm that causes incorrect results is called a

(A) logical error
(B) syntax error
(C) procedural error
(D) compiler error

Ans - (A) logical error

4) A device for changing the connection on a connector to a different configuration

(A) a converter
(B) a component
(C) an attachment
(D) an adapter

Ans - (D) an adapter

5) A technique that is used to send more than one call over a single line is

(A) Digital transmission
(B) Infrared transmission
(C) Streaming
(D) Multiplexing

Ans - (D) Multiplexing

6) Which of the following would you find on LinkedIn?

(A) Games
(B) Connections
(C) Chat
(D) Applications

Ans - (B) Connections

7) The method of Internet access that requires a phone line, but offers faster access
speeds than dial-up is the.....Connection

(A) Cable access
(B) Satellite access
(C) Fiber optic service
(D) Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

Ans - (D) Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

8) a form of denial of service attack in which a hostile client repeatedly sends
SYN packets to every port on the server using fake IP addresses.

(A) Cybercrime
(B) Memory shaving
(C) Syn flooding
(D) Software Piracy

Ans - (C) Syn flooding

9) A program either talk or music that is made available in digital format for
automatic download over the internet is called a.....

(A) wiki
(B) broadcast
(C) vodcast
(D) podcast

Ans - (D) podcast

10) A USB communication device that supports data encryption for secure wireless
communication for notebook users is called a...

(A) USB Wireless Network adapter
(B) wireless switch
(C) wireless hub
(D) router

Ans - (D) router

India GK Current Affairs Quiz 

1 ). The States of India having a common border with Myanmar are:

(a) Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh
(b) Mizoram, Tripura, Meghalaya, Assam
(c) Mizoram, Manipur, Tripura, Meghalaya
(d) Assam, Manipur, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh

Ans: (a)

2  ). The State with the largest area under wasteland is:

(a) Gujarat
(b) Madhya Pradesh
(c) Jammu and Kashmir
(d) Rajasthan

Ans: (c)

3 ). The largest population of Scheduled Tribes is in:

(a) Himachal Pradesh
(b) Madhya Pradesh
(c) Arunachal Pradesh
(d) Sikkim

Ans: (b)

4  ). The Himalayan mountain system belongs to which one of the following?

(a) Fold mountains
(b) Volcanic mountains
(c) Block mountains
(d) None of these

Ans: (a)

5 ). The oldest mountains in India according to geographical history are

(a) Satpura
(b) Nilgiris
(c) Vindhyas
(d) Aravallis

Ans: (d)

6 ) The highest mountain peak in India is :

(a) Kanchenjunga
(b) Mount Everest
(c) Mt. K2
(d) Nanda Devi

Ans: (c)

7 ) Which one of the following is the correct sequence of the age of formation-from the
youngest to the oldest of the given mountain ranges?

(a) Himalayas, Vindhyas, Western Ghats, Deccan Traps
(b) Deccan Traps, Western Ghats, Vindhyas, Himalayas
(c) Himalayas, Western Ghats, Vindhayas, Deccan Traps
(d) Vindhyas, Himalayas, Deccan Traps, Western Ghats

Ans: (a)

8 ) Arakan Yoma is the extension of the Himalayas located in :

(a) Kashmir
(b) Nepal
(c) Baluchistan
(d) Myanmar

Ans: (d)

9 ) Match the following:

A. Pir Panjal 1. Arunachal Pradesh
B. Dhauladhar 2. Uttaranchal
C. Nag Tibba 3. Jammu and Kashmir
D. Mishimi Hills 4. Himachal Pradesh

Ans: (b)

10 ) The transport route connecting the Kashmir from Leh crosses the high mountain ranges
at the:

(a) Pir Panjal pass
(b) Karakoram pass
(c) Banihal pass
(d) Zoji La pass

Ans: (b)

11 ) Which one of the following mountains is not the part of Eastern Ghats?

(a) Sheravoy hills
(b) Javadi hills
(c) Nallamala hills
(d) Elamalai hills

Ans: (d)

12 ) Kodaikanal, the famous hill-station of South India, is situated on :

(a) Palni Hills
(b) Anaimalai mountain
(c) Nilgiri mountain
(d) Cardamon hills

Ans: (a)

13 ) Which one of the following statements is NOT correct?

(a) Black cotton soil of north-west India was formed by the weathering of basaltic lava
(b) Sedimentary rocks are distinguished from other types of rocks by the presence of distinct
(c) Granite has large crystals of quartz, feldspar, and mica in it
(d) Metamorphic rock is softer and less compact than its original type

Ans: (d)

14 ) Which of the following relates to the formation of the Himalayas?

(a) Folding of the earth's crust
(b) Accumulation of loess deposits
(c) Folding of the geosyncline
(d) Faulting of the earth's crust

Ans: (c)

15 ) Which one of the following is most prone to earthquakes?

(a) Coastal plains
(b) Old shields
(c) Plateaus
(d) Young folded mountains

Ans: (d)

current affairs quiz questions

 1 ) Who is the father of the computer?

A: Charles Newman

B: Charles Babbage

C: Henry Babbage

D: Henry Luce

Ans- Charles Babbage

 2 ) Which chip is used inside the apple new computers?

A: G3

B: G4


D: MAC03

Ans- G3

 3 ) Which is an example of a first generation computer?






 4 ) Which computer generation the IBM 700 belong to?

A: First Generation

B: Second Generation

C: Third Generation

D: Fourth Generation

Ans- Second Generation

 5 ) Which generation of the computer used VLSI (Very Large Scale Integrated Chips) technology that brought bloom in the hardware industries.

A: First Generation

B: Second Generation

C: Third Generation

D: Fourth Generation

E: Fifth Generation

Ans- Fourth Generation 

 6 ) Which generation of the computer used Power-Book and Pentium microprocessor for the first time?

A: Third Generation

B: Fourth Generation

C: Fifth Generation

D: Sixth Generation

Ans- Sixth Generation computer

 7 ) Which is the most common types of computer?

A: Desktop

B: Notebook

C: Server

D: Laptop

Ans- Desktop

 8 ) Which among the following computer provides greater speed than average for performing multi-tasking?

A: Personal Computer

B: Notebook

C: Workstation

D: Tablet PC

Ans- Workstation

 9 ) Which is the powerful computer with special equipment and softwares that used for networking?

A: Network Server

B: Workstation

C: Mainframe

D: Supercomputer

Ans- Network Server

 10 ) Which of the following is a mid-range computer?

A: Mainframe

B: Minicomputer

C: microcomputer

D: Supercomputer

Ans- Minicomputer

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