Cyclone Vayu LIVE Update Gujarat On High Alert

 cyclone update Live Gujarat Today

Gulab cyclone Normally a deep depression in the Arabian sea brewed over the past two to three days is now becoming in cyclonic form and this storm is likely to hit the coastal area of Gujarat from Porbandar to mauve including Div region says IMD.

The IMD has issued a warning of heavy rains and wind nearly speed of 110 kilometers/hr with heavy rain on (29-09-2021 over the region of Saurashtra and Kutch. Gujarat government has deployed the NDRF team over the coastal areas of Saurashtra and Kutch.

Cyclone  LIVE Update Gujarat On High Alert Today

The government also issued a notification to schools for 2 Days left. All the district's collectorate offices including other officials are working day and night to pre-plan against the Vayu cyclone.

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IMD has issued no.2 signals on the coastal port And called back fishers man from the seas to back at home.

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