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GK Questions In English

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GK Questions In English 

1 ) 4. Multiple Choice: Surplus red blood cells, needed to meet an emergency, are MAINLY stored in what
the organ of the human body? Is it the:

a) pancreas
b) spleen
c) liver
d) kidneys

ANSWER: B – spleen

2 ) Multiple Choice: Which of the following statements concerning platelets is INCORRECT.

a) contain DNA
b) are roughly disk-shaped
c) have little ability to synthesize proteins
d) are between 1/2 and 1/3 the diameter of the red cell

ANSWER: A -- contain DNA

3 ) Multiple Choice: When a human donor gives a pint of blood, it usually requires how many weeks for
the body RESERVE of red corpuscles to be replaced? Is it:

a) 1 week
b) 3 weeks
c) 7 weeks
d) 21 weeks

ANSWER: C -- 7 weeks

4 ) Multiple Choice: Lengthening of long bones in humans occurs in a particular area of the bone. This
the area is called the:

a) medullary canal
b) cancellous bone
c) periosteum (pron: per-E-ahs-tee-em)
d) epiphysis (pron: eh-pif-eh-sis)

ANSWER: D – Epiphysis

5 )  Multiple Choice: In the human brain, body temperature, metabolism, heart rate, sexual development,
sleep and the body's use of fat and water are influenced by this region of the brain. This region of the
the brain is the:

a) hypothalamus
b) midbrain
c) corpus callosum
d) cerebellum

ANSWER: A -- hypothalamus

6 )  Multiple Choice: In which cerebral lobes is the speech center located? Is it the:

a) frontal
b) parietal
c) temporal
d) occipital

ANSWER: A -- frontal

 7 ) Multiple Choice: Cardiology is the study of the:

a) human heart
b) tooth decay
c) kidneys
d) liver

ANSWER: B -- Tooth Decay

8 ) During the final stage of cell division, the mitotic apparatus disappears, the
chromosomes become attenuated, the centrioles duplicate and split, the nuclear membrane becomes
reconstituted and the nucleolus reappears. This phase of cell division is known as:

a) prophase (pron: prO-phase)
b) metaphase
c) anaphase
d) telophase

ANSWER: D -- Telophase

9 )  Multiple Choice: The order of insects which includes beetles is known as:

a) Coleoptera (pron: kO-lee-op-teh-rah)
b) Orthoptera (pron: or-tho-op-teh-rah)
c) Hymenoptera (pron: high-meh-nop-teh-rah)
d) Diptera (pron: dip-teh-rah)

ANSWER: A -- Coleoptera

10. Multiple Choice: Sickle cell anemia and Huntington's chorea are both:

a) virus-related diseases
b) bacteria-related diseases
c) congenital disorders
d) none of the above

ANSWER: C -- Congenital Disorders

11 ) In most species of Paramecium, there are how many contractile vacuoles? Is it:
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) four


12 )  Multiple Choice: From which grandparent or grandparents did you inherit your mitochondria (pron:
my-toe-chon-dria)? Is it your:

a) mother's parents
b) paternal grandfather
c) grandmothers
d) maternal grandmother

ANSWER: D -- maternal grandmother

13 ) The resting potential of a neuron is dependent on what two ions?

a) lead and calcium ions
b) calcium and phosphate ions
c) sodium and potassium ions
d) potassium and phosphate ions

ANSWER: C -- sodium and potassium ions

14 )  Which of the following is NOT a type of neuron?

a) sensory
b) motor
c) association
d) stimulatory


15 ) Which of the following statements is TRUE of insulin? Is it:
a) secreted by the pancreas
b) a protein
c) involved in the metabolism of glucose
d) all of the above

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