Director of Languages, Gujarat State, Gandhinagar

Language is like a flow of continuously flowing river. Language is continuously developing. In pursuance of the Gujarat official Languages Act, 1961, the strenuous task of switching over the language of the entire administration was completed. The administration of the State has become more and more people-oriented because of Gujarati as an official language.
Director of Languages, Gujarat State, Gandhinagar

Owing to many fold functions of the Government and more areas of development, activities of the Government have been expanded. Therefore, this Directorate had published the Trilingual Administrative Dictionary (English-Gujarati Hindi) in 1987. SANSKAR AWARD has been conferred to this dictionary. With a view to maintaining equality at the national level, some administrative words being used in the offices of the Central Government have been accepted in the same form and Gujarati-Hindi equivalents have been given therein. As a result Gujarati equivalents of the English administrative words being used in the State Administration can be found easily from the said dictionary. With the extent and development of Gujarati as an official language of the state, many new administrative words in the Gujarati language have been developed, coined and accepted,

    resulting which a need of one dictionary giving English equivalents of Gujarati administrative words was highly felt. Inquiries and demands for such a dictionary were being made by some Government departments/offices and individuals because they have to enter into official correspondence in English with other State Governments and the Central Government, High Courts, Supreme Court in some cases. But GujaratiEnglish Administrative Dictionary was not available from which one can find English equivalents of Gujarati administrative words. Taking this long-felt need into account, in pursuance of the sanction received from the General Administration Department, Government of Gujarat, the work of preparing Gujarati-English An administrative Dictionary was undertaken.

The work of this dictionary has been completed under the guidance of a committee comprising five experts of language from various fields under the chairmanship of the Director of Languages and Shri L.K. Rohit, Deputy Director of Languages as a member secretary. This committee has properly finalized many words of Gujarati language and their English equivalents during the period of about five years. This dictionary includes Gujarati words being used in day-to-day administration right from Gram Panchayat to the State and Central Government &as well as courts. English equivalents of various Gujarati words being used in

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