Online Education Will Be Provided On Gujarat

A mini-vacation has been announced at school colleges in Gujarat. The government has taken a very good decision to ensure that the students of standard 1 to 9 and 11 do not get disrupted, which will be studied by the regional channels of Gujarat.
Online Education Will Be Provided On Gujarat

  • CM Rupani's first student-wide decision across the country
  • Students will be able to study topics through home-based TV channels
  • Online education at 3pm on VTV News

Amid the horrors of the Coronavirus, the state government has announced a holiday till March 29 at school and college. However, the government is preparing to launch the first innovative initiative across the country. Students will be educated on the regional channel so that the children do not lose their education because the schools are closed.

Class V students will be educated on VTV News

The education minister said live and recorded broadcasts will be made on these channels. We have decided to conduct this kind of study on all 13 different Gujarat news channels. Education will be provided to students of standard 8 on VTV. Online education will be provided on VTV News at 3pm.

Online education will be provided on different channels of Jarat, know what time will be ...

Standard 7

News18 - 12 to 1
Opinion - 3 to 4
GTPL - 11:30 to 12:30
Standard 8

VTV - 3 to 4
Zee 24 hours - 11
Standard 9

ABP Asmita - 2 to 3
GSTV - 4 to 5
Nirman - 5 to 6
Standard 11

TV9 - 12: 30 to 1
Sandesh - 3: 30 to 4
india news - 3 to 4
DD - 4 to 5

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