If you are a cattle farmer and you have this kind of cow, then the government has allocated a large amount of money.

The government will encourage farmers to cultivate cows and cultivate natural farms in Gujarat, which has implemented schemes to promote natural farming in Valsad and Dang district in southern Gujarat. 

    Now a new scheme has been announced to help Gujarat farmers turn to cow-based natural farming.  Under this scheme, a cow-based natural farmer will be provided a monthly subsidy of Rs.

50 thousand farmers will get benefits

 For natural farming, the farmer has to use cow manure and fossil.  This will increase the fertility of the soil in the long run.  People will get healthy organic cereals and vegetables as well as benefit from cow service.  Under this scheme, a provision of Rs.50 crore has been made to cover an estimated 3,000 farmers.  At present, the demand for natural farm products has increased due to the damage caused by the overuse of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.  Then the government has launched this scheme to ensure that farmers turn to cows based natural farming.

Provision of Rs. 32 crore for the breeding of cows and concrete cows

 A provision of Rs.32 crore has been made for various activities of Gujarat's renowned Desi Gir and Concrete Cow breeding.  A provision of Rs 27 crore has been made for the Chief Minister's free animal treatment scheme.  For the treatment of manga cattlemen, the service of Karuna Ambulance 3 has been started in 3 cities; a total provision of Rs.13 crore has been made to improve service in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot, Bhavnagar, and Mehsana.

100 crore provision to help organizations like Panjrapol

 There are several institutes operating in the state through the cage for the care of the cows.  The contribution of these organizations is great in saving the Gowdhan of Gujarat during the good Narsa years.  A new plan has been announced to help pay for such organizations.  

   Under the scheme, one-time upgrading of registered cages will provide the benefit of sheds for cows, godowns for fodder storage, tubewell facilities for water, installation of solar rooftop top, micro-irrigation in fodder plots, infrastructure like sprinklers.  For this, a total provision of Rs.100 crore has been made.

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