The secret to preventing your hair loss is hidden in the kitchen, follow these expert tips and get tension free

 Hair loss is a common problem. But baldness can occur when hair begins to fall out of a certain limit. It is therefore important to prevent timely hair loss. Beauty expert Shahnaz Hussain reveals homemade tips to prevent hair loss. This recipe will make the hair thick and black.  

The secret to preventing your hair loss is hidden in the kitchen, follow these expert tips and get tension free

The cause of hair loss

Hair loss is usually caused by a lack of nutrients, disease, thyroid, hormonal imbalance, and the use of chemically harmful hair care products. Hair also becomes thinner during pregnancy and menopause. Dandruff or oily hair can also cause hair loss. The problem of baldness is more prevalent in men as compared to women. If hair loss does not stop, an expert should be consulted.

These tips will make your hair healthy and beautiful

The egg is the best remedy for hair. It contains silicon, sulfur, and fatty acids. As well as providing nutrition, it also helps in its growth. Apply the egg on the hair and shampoo after 20 minutes. This homemade recipe works as a tonic for hair and prevents hair loss.

Use sweet neem and coconut oil to keep hair healthy. Dip fresh neem leaves in oil and boil. Boil it till the leaves turn black. Cool the mixture and apply it to the scalp. Leave on for an hour and then wash your hair. Doing this two to three times a week will stop the fall.

Jesus is the best tonic for hair and it prevents hair loss. Soak Jasud flowers and leaves in cold water overnight. Squeeze well in the morning. Apply this water to Ruth's scalp. Wash off after keeping for a while. You can wash this with water if you wish. This is an effective way to prevent hair loss.

Mango is very beneficial for hair. You can make mango hair oil at home. For this, mix a handful of dried amla in 100 ml of pure coconut oil and take a pc. Put it in an airtight glass bottle. Keep this bottle in the sun for 15 minutes daily. Then strain the oil and fill. Regular use of this oil stops hair loss and makes it soft.

If excess hair is falling out, do not massage too quickly, and use a comb with a large rake. Do not use chemical hair color and hair care products.

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Nutritious diet for healthy hair

A nutritious diet keeps hair healthy. So include fresh fruits, salads, green leafy vegetables, yogurt, and soybeans in your diet. Eat one bowl of sprouts daily. It contains amino acids. It helps in hair growth. If you are losing excess hair, you can take vitamin and mineral supplements on the advice of a doctor.

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