Mandir Live Darshan Today

Those who cannot come to the direct darshan of Somnath Mahadev can take advantage of the live darshan of Somnath Dada by sitting at home on their mobile. Today, social media is the leading medium through which you can watch Somnath Jyotirlinga live. 

Mandir Live Darshan Today

As per the report around 10.31 crore, devotees of Somnath Dada's online worship is performed in 6 countries. The highest number is registered on the Website and the second highest number is registered on WhatsApp.

For those who wake up in the morning with Somnath Dada's online Aarti, why is it now possible without visiting the temple? So here we have added a live link of Somnath Jyotirlinga and Shree Somnath Mahadev live darshan apps from the Google play store which can be seen daily e-puja, morning and noon aarti, darshan, etc

Mandir Live Darshan Today 

 ઓમકારેશ્વર મહાદેવ LIVE દર્શન

મહાકાલેશ્વર મહાદેવ LIVE દર્શન

કેદારનાથ મહાદેવ LIVE દર્શન

ભીમાશંકર મહાદેવ LIVE દર્શન

વિશ્વનાથ મહાદેવ LIVE દર્શન

ત્ર્યંબકેશ્વર મહાદેવ LIVE દર્શન

બૈજનાથ મહાદેવ LIVE દર્શન

રામેશ્વર મહાદેવ LIVE દર્શન

નાગેશ્વર મહાદેવ LIVE દર્શન

ધુષ્મેશ્વર મહાદેવ LIVE દર્શન

Here you can watch Somnath temple's daily and today's live darshan and aarti on the official website Shree- Somnath-Temple. You May Also Like to Watch.

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