IIFL : Stocks, Demat Account | What are the demat charges for IIFL?

IIFL: Stocks, Demat, IPOs and more.

Open a Demat Account on the IIFL Markets Demat app. It is among India’s biggest investing & trading platforms. It is trusted by over 25 lakh investors!

This free stock trading app gives you the convenience to invest in a range of assets such as:
  • Stocks

  • Mutual funds
  • IPOs
  • Futures and options
  • Currency

IIFL Securities has been awarded the best mobile trading app in India. Download IIFL Markets today in 2 minutes to start your stock trading journey. It is also the highest-rated and most downloaded stock trading app in India.

Here’s why millions of users have chosen IIFL Markets as their stock trading & investment app:
  • In just 5 minutes you can open a demat account at your IIFL Markets appAlgo & AI-based trading tips
  • IIFL Securities is one of the largest full-service stock brokerage companies in India
  • Global investing - invest in US-based stocks through your IIFL Markets app
  • Real-time updates
  • Easy-to-understand financial charts & analytics
  • Award-winning research reports & coverage of 500+ stocks
  • One-tap quick investor support
  • Multiple watchlists of stocks across sectors
  • Invest in mutual funds using your IIFL Markets app

Mutual funds:
  1. Select a mutual fund scheme from over 2000 options. These options include ELSS funds, debt mutual funds etc.

  2. Real-time investment tracking

  3. Mutual fund recommendations based on your unique risk profile & investment objectives

  4. Expert support and advice for SIPs and Lump-sum investments, through the app.

Share market/Stock investing:

  1. AI & Algorithm assisted trading

  2. Expert advice

  3. Hot stock picks

  4. Award-winning research

  5. Real-time market updates

  6. Highest-rated stock trading platform

  7. Invest in global markets - buy stocks from across the world!

  8. Leading IPO investment platform - Invest in the biggest IPOs

Intraday and Futures & options trading:

  1. Real-time updates for intra-day trading

  2. Pre- and post-trade analysis, smart charts, hundreds of graphs & indicators

  3. Stop-loss system to minimize losses

IlFL Markets app is a must for every investor. Trade through your smartphone on this stock market app and enjoy quick, easy, secure, and 100% paperless investing.

*Our Favorite Features*

  • ➢ Stock tips backed with complete stock analysis and research.
  • ➢ Access to all the domestic exchanges.
  • ➢ Global market investing and monitoring.
  • ➢ Price alerts so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities in the stock market.
  • ➢ News updates related to your investments - BSE Sensex, NSE, NIFTY NCDEX, and MCX.
  • ➢ Finance & Business world updates.
  • ➢ Historical price charts, key financial ratios & shareholding patterns of companies.
  • ➢ Derivatives section for trading in Options & Futures.
  • ➢ Get information about stocks, currency, commodities, bonds, and interest rates.

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