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 Work with Uber, Doordash, Instacart, Amazon Flex, or other gig jobs? Take the uncertainty out of your app-based gig work with insights, tools, and guaranteed daily pay from Solo.

Solo seamlessly connects your work accounts to a single app so that you can manage your income, track your expenses, project your taxes, and guarantee your daily pay. If you optimize your schedule using Solo’s pay predictions and earn less, we’ll pay you the difference.

How does it work?

Download the app and link your gig work accounts
Start tracking your income, expenses, estimated taxes and access personalized pay predictions
Save thousands on taxes and earn up to 20% more per week



We crunch the numbers using real earnings data from the Solo community in your city. This allows Solo to produce pay predictions by the hour and by a job that you can use to optimize your schedule. When you schedule your work using these predictions, we guarantee your daily pay. If you make less than what we predicted, we’ll pay you the difference.


Manage your income from all of your gig jobs in one place to understand where you’re earning the most and how you compare to others in your city.


Automatically track your driving miles so that you can maximize your deductions and save thousands of dollars come tax season


Don’t be surprised come tax time - know what your estimated tax amount may be so that you can prepare ahead of time. *Solo only provides a projection for the income & expenses you track through the Solo app. Your actual tax liability may be different and you should consult a qualified tax professional.


Curious how you stack up? Check out the earnings leaderboard to see how you stack up relative to other Solopreneurs


Know you’re making the most of your time by seeing the hourly rates and weekly trends for gig jobs in your city


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Solo is not a financial advisor. All information provided by Solo’s application is for informational purposes only. For tax advice and preparation, please seek advice from qualified/certified professionals.
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