Kotak Securities (Kotak Neo) | What are the benefits of Kotak Neo?

Kotak Securities introduces Kotak Neo, the dependable stock trading, investment and finance app for all users!

Now switch over from the Kotak Stock Trading app to the new Kotak Neo app!

✅ Easy online trading and helps you grow your financial portfolio
✅ Your central hub for all IPO, Stock Trading, and Mutual Fund Investing
✅ Open a demat account now and invest in the Share Market

Features of Kotak Neo:

✅ Ideal for beginners and seasoned traders seeking to strengthen financial portfolios
✅ Kotak Neo by Kotak Securities offers in-depth research, financial reports, & expert reviews on Mutual Funds, F&O, Commodities and IPOs
✅ Enables investments in Stocks, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Shares, IPO applications and more
✅ Provides real-time updates on BSE, NSE, & respective indices
✅ Invest in Mutual Funds with a min. amount of Rs. 500 /month
✅Intraday trades set at Rs. 0!

New features on Kotak Neo:

✔️Bracket Order- Advanced intraday order option with three simultaneous actions for risk management and profit protection
✔️Sipit- Kotak Securities’ platform for easy Equity SIP investing in stocks and ETFs
✔️Payoff Analyzer- Keep track of and analyze payoff
✔️Limit Price Protection- Set price limits for limit orders, rejecting those outside the range, enhancing pre-trade risk control and trade orderliness
✔️Price Alerts- Real-time stock monitoring, customizable alerts for price, quantity, and more
✔️New Simplified Order Form- Order form with default quantity and easy modification and stop loss option for delivery orders.
✔️FINNIFTY - Quick access to option chains such as FINNIFTY, NIFTY, BANKNIFTY etc.
✔️BSE F&O- Widen your horizon by trading in BSE F&O

Benefits of a Demat and Trading Account with Kotak Neo

✔️Simple online process for demat account
✔️Build your financial portfolio and start stock market trading with Kotak Neo app- the Best Stock Market app in India
✔️Customizable watchlists for stock tracking & stock trading with your demat trading account
✔️Live News section for real-time financial news updates on fluctuations

For Traders, Kotak Neo offers:

✔️Free Intraday trading with this market app
✔️Real-time charts for stock market trading
✔️Access to technical indicators to profit from Stocks, F&Os, Currencies, etc.
✔️Square off at 03:20 pm

For Long-Term Investors, Kotak Neo offers:

✔️Qualitative and quantitative data by Kotak Securities, on companies and stocks listed on the BSE & NSE, helping you make the right financial decision for the share market
✔️Start your online investment with IPO participation by IPO investing and trading
✔️After Market Orders (AMOs) to place orders to buy and sell for the next day

Now Featuring  StockCase: by Kotak Neo

Our in-house Basket Investing solution offers curated & managed stock baskets.

✅ Research analysts at Kotak Securities carefully curate each basket to match different risk appetites.
✅ Opportunity to diversify with stocks across various sectors, industries, & objectives
✅ Start your easy investment from Rs. 1K/month.
✅ Get updates to rebalance the basket when necessary
✅ Create your own stock baskets with our stock investment app

We welcome Kotak Stock Trading app users to the new Kotak Neo app- the best stock investment and trading app.

We welcome you to the “Neo” way to Trade!

Investments in the securities are subject to market risks. Brokerage will not exceed SEBI's prescribed limit. The securities are quoted as examples & not as recommendations.

Disclaimer: https://www.kotaksecurities.com/disclaimer/

Screeners & StockIt Baskets are not exchange approved, & disputes w.r.t the distribution activity, don’t have access to Exchange investor redressal forum/Arbitration mechanism.

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